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Why another wedding business directory you may ask? It’s not just another directory, it’s  UNIQUE wedding business directory in the following ways:

    • It’s for Australian – Asian Wedding Suppliers only OR businesses that provide services for Asian Weddings
    • Here you’ll find MC that speak English, Vietnamese and / or Chinese
    • Here you’ll find singers that can sing multiple languages (English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian and more…)
    • Here you’ll find the most reputable Chinese / Vietnamese restaurants in South Western Sydney (Bankstown & Fairfield areas. Celebrants are happy to service other areas in Sydney)
    • All listed businesses came recommended by the most experienced in the industry or by brides who have used their services
    • It is NOT an open directory, this means not everyone can list on this website. All listings are “by invitation only” or recommended by people we know.
    • All listing submissions need to be reviewed and approved before being published. We need to verify that the business has been invited by us or by our trusted associates
    • It will be the FIRST online wedding business community that bring all Australian – Asian wedding services together.
    • It’s also a wedding “one-stop-shop”. We have an online shop where you can buy selected wedding favours and other wedding accessories.

Let’s hear from the creator of My Wedding Centre:

“I got married in 2015 and I found it was a challenge to find a specific MC that I was after. I wanted someone young, fun and speak multiple languages. I did a search online and there was nothing. Luckily I was recommended to someone by a family member. Then I struggled to find singers that could sing English, Vietnamese and Chinese, a Celebrant that service my area and could speak fluent English & Vietnamese. Same story for photographers, DJs, caterer etc. Once I find a supplier, I didn’t have much background information or feedback on that supplier to make a decision on. It was hard planning an Asian wedding 🙂

As a website designer, I just see the need to have something to “round up” everyone and to create an online community to connect suppliers and all Asian brides-to-be. That’s when My Wedding Centre came to life! I run a website design agency for 13 years and created hundreds of business websites for my Clients as well as operating multiple online businesses. But I am the most excited about this free website I’m offering to my community.

So with a lot of hope and excitement, I spent endless hours creating this website. Naming the website was a challenge. I wanted something “cool” but then who needs “cool”? May be something easy to remember, but a bit lame perhaps 🙂

My Wedding Centre

“My” is after my first name (My LAM). A “Wedding Centre” simply mean this is where you can look for all wedding suppliers, services as well as shop for wedding favours and other wedding accessories. No more running around gathering up MCs, Singers, Photographers, Celebrants, Wedding Entertainment and so on.

My aim is not to make millions with this website but to have something unique for our Asian community, to bring the Asian Wedding Industry online. For businesses who haven’t got an online presence, this is your chance to create a free online “mini web page” to showroom your products & services. I also aim to help all future brides by making it easier for them to choose from reliable, recommended suppliers. Brides can read about the business background, Clients Testimonials and see genuine feedback from previous Clients.

So let’s get together and grow this community! I hope to connect as many suppliers & consumers as possible. And I hope My Wedding Centre will be the first, the only website that a bride will need to find all Australian – Asian wedding suppliers & services!


Jan 2016

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,

    Do you provide/Recommend anyone who provides Chinese Wedding Music/DJ services for weddings held in Sydney?


    • Hi Jenny, at this stage we do not have any DJs that specialise in Chinese music. But we will definitely contact you as soon as one becomes available.
      Goodluck with your wedding.

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