Wedding Favours / Bomboniere – do you really need them?

Yes you do. Traditionally, Asian weddings only have food and more food on the table, but nowadays the modern brides start to introduce wedding favours / gifts to give to their guests. It’s one of those things where you SHOULD HAVE but shouldn’t invest too much money & time into. Wedding favours can be a hassle because you will be preparing around 200-400 of them, 1 for each guest of course.

What Wedding Favours should I get?

Where do we start? There are endless choices. Some restaurants provide some samples, you can search online for ideas and products. Pink Frosting has a great range of favours and bomboniere.

Wedding Supplies at Pink Frosting


You can also try Ebay, which has some cheap alternatives from overseas. Make you sure you allocate enough time for the goods to get to you, then enough time to put them together.

Favour Boxes

There are endless choices and some very cute ideas. For my wedding, I had some Asian favours boxes mixed with western style boxes. To made things more interesting, I bought some battery operated candles and put them in the boxes. Unfortunately nobody really turned them on or even noticed, but that’s ok, at least you’ve put in the effort. Here are the links to the favour boxes I just mentioned:

 wedding_favour_boxes  white_favour_boxes vintage_boxes
 Asian Theme Favour Boxes
$5.95 for 10 pieces from Ebay
Item from Australia – you can get them in 7 days
 Western Style White Love Heart Boxes
$12.50 for 50 pieces from Ebay
From overseas – so give it at least 3 wks      
 Vintage Style Lace Gift Box
$5.16 for 25 pieces from Ebay
From overseas – so give it at least 3 wks

What to put in the Boxes?

Chocolate like M&M’s ($80 for 5kg), Ferrero Rocher ($160 for 90 pieces – a dearer choice), Plain Candy or Lollies (around $125 for 5kg on Ebay). Some of my friends use Fortune Cookies, that always amuse the guests for a few seconds and they get to eat the biscuits too, some guests are VERY hungry at that stage. Try to buy them in bulk to save money. Ebay has a few good choices.

Try something different – Battery Operated Tea Light Candles

What I would recommend is try to look for something completely different, something no other weddings have used. I personally tried battery operated candles, to put in EACH of the favour boxes. My vision was, the guests will turn on the candles and the entire restaurant will light up and it would be magical! It didn’t turn out quite like that, nobody knew how to turn it on, about 2 tables turned them on. But it’s okay, my mistake was I didn’t have time to turn the candles on in advance and my favour boxes were too thick. Try to get see through boxes so the light would shine through, and get someone to help turn the candles on for you just before the guests arrived. If you turn them on in advance, the batteries will run out. Here are the links to the candles.

Battery Operated Tea Light Candles                 Put candles in favour boxes or lay them
$1.30 for 12 – batteries included                         out into different shapes and words
From overseas – so give it at least 3 wks    


They come in different colours, I personally recommend all warm white as you don’t want to risk your wedding looking like a circus 🙂 Another great idea is, you can buy a good amount of these batteries operated candles and lay them out into different shapes or words. Would look great on the dance floor or at the Bridal Party table.

The End Result

After endless hours of putting them together one by one, allocating someone to carry boxes and boxes to restaurants and laying them out nice and neatly on the tables or handling them out, the result might be disappointing. You might find that some guests don’t even take their favours with them. A few favours might up end up under the table, broken or reapt after being kicked around by the kids. My Mother in Law actually went around and collect them on the night 🙂 But it’s all good, in the end, the favours were there and you have put in the effort to make them as unique and special as possible. People DO notice, just don’t appreciate them as much as you want them to.

Share Your Ideas and Experience

I’m not an expert in this area and I’m definitely not a wedding planner. Everything I’ve suggested is based on my personal experience for my own wedding. You most probably have better ideas, feel free to share them with our brides-to-be, just submit a Comment below.

What’s been your experience with Wedding Favours? What did you use and where you did you buy them?

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